Wii slogans

a few weeks ago I started doing an image that I intended to put on a T-shirt to support my use of the Nintendo Wii, my first idea was to have the phrase

“I Wii standing up”

After coming up with this I then went on to create a simple image that I would later re-work to make it look great on the front of a T-shirt.


I know it’s not much at the moment but I’m still working on the finished version. After showing a few of my friends this (one of them being cbx33) and we just started coming up these alternate versions of this. Some of them are pretty random and you do have to have a good sense of humour, and before we even knew it we had come up with about 50 versions, this was later expanded further to 75+ thanks to cbx33. Of course now that we have 75+ our goal is to get up to 100, and the best one’s I will put on T-shirts.

(Key) ‘/’ = change from front to back of shirt

1. I wii round my girlfriend house

2. I wii with my friends

3. I wii whilst my friends watch

4. I wii at the office

5. I wii in my living-room

6. I wii in the bedroom

7. I wii sitting down

8. It’s good to wii

9. wii’ing is a good form of exercise

10. I’ve wii’ed in every room of the house

11. too wii, or not to wii

12. Wii’ing can take hours

13. last time I wii’ed I was there all day

14. I wii with my girlfriend

15. I’m #1 at wii’ing

16. I hold the top score on my wii

17. I learnt to wii at an early age

18. I’v never had a problem wii’ing

19. I sprained my wrist whilst wii’ing

20. me wii broke the TV

21. I imported my wii from Japan

22. Man I love my wii

23. I “heart” my wii

24. I wii in surround-sound

25. I wii with my 42inch / plasma TV

26. I wii with people around the world

27. wii with the world

28. wii, and the world wii’s with you

29. want to come back to my place and wii

30. have the chance to wii

31. my wii’s got external memory

32. I play games with my wii

33. I accessorise my wii

34. my wii is backward compatible

35. I can’t control my wii any more / because I lost the controller

36. wii’ing is hard in small spaces

37. my wii comes with a three year guarantee

38. I can wii from across the room

39. Sometime I stroke my wii

40. I can play with my wii for hours

41. wii’ing is the best part of my day

42. I don’t let anyone touch my wii

43. my wii frightens small animals

44. sometime my wii overheats

45. I hacked my wii

46. no one understands my obsession with my wii

47. wii’ing too long makes my eyes hurt

48. the greatest moment of my life was when I saw my wii

49. My mom keeps telling me my wii is too loud

50. people complain of headaches after using my wii

51. I sold my wii on eBay

52. I like to hide my wii from my brother

53. I built a cabinet for my wii

54. My wii is the centrepiece of my room

55. My friend sold me his wii

56. I exchanged my wii for a PSP

57. My wii fell off the back of a lorry

58. I wii’d on national TV

59. Shhh….I have my wii in my bag

60. The doctor said playing with my wii gave me RSI

61. I like to polish my wii

62. Thieves stole my wii

63. I play with my wii in bed

64. My wii is a special edition

65. Sometimes my friends and I have a wii party

66. I put my wii on the Internet

67. My wii requires regular maintenance

68. My wii is toasty in the winter

69. I develop wii games

70. I make up games for my wii

71. My wii plays dvds

72. My wii doesn’t play well with some hardware

73. My wii plays music

74. My girlfriend says my wii is boring

75. One day my wii could be famous

76. I play golf with my wii

77. I surf the Internet with my wii

78. I sword fight with my wii

79. Nintendo member of staff, I played your wii before you did

80. My wii is a thing of beauty


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