Mac Flash 8 Work

The Creation

The Creation

During my time at college I have had to work with Macromedia Flash 8, I’ll admit it’s not the most up-to-date version (i.e. Adobe Flash CS4, to time of publish) but it does what it needs to and its obviously the best the college can afford for the network computers : P. This isn’t my first encounter with flash, but it has certainly been the best work I’ve done on it so far. This was the result of about two days work, and actually I’m quite proud of it. It may have been a simple image to produce on flash but still, for a first time effort it not bad at all, considering the only other times I’ve used it is to just mess around and have a little fun making VERY basic animations. this image

was only done in the class as a practical exercise and will not be used in my final project, but if I do work i intend to do it right.

So as i go through my work ill try and

share some of the images and animation I make, realy i just like showing off, but then people should be proud if they think there work looks good : P.


2 Responses to “Mac Flash 8 Work”

  1. Leonardo Says:

    hey i just want it know if you can do some animations with this program
    and if theres any tutorial to check out that you might know.
    sorry for my english mistakes im from Costa Rica (spanish) thanks!!

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