Some more from the Mac Flash Range

The Original Picture

The Original Picture

The Wire Frame

The Wire Frame

The Final Product

The Final Product

Above are three versions of the same car, for most people it would appear pretty obvious what car it is : P. This is the second piece of work i have done with Macromedia Flash, the idea of this was to take a real life object and “animate” it. It was sugested to us that we should choose a car, since this would be fairly easy to do, and well it was realy, so obviously a chose a mini, what with me loving the classic mini and that being my forst car : D. For this piece of work it took me about 2 – 3 days, not continuous of course, i did have other lessons in between : P. After this ill be working on several other cars to form the basis for the fore ground of the IMP (interactive multimedia program) I’m working on at the moment.


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