Random but Funny

Ok, this is going to be the first in hopefully a long line of random but funny quotes, these are ust going to be random quotes that just pop into my head during the day and just make me laugh all day, so anyway here’s the first:

” He was doing an interview, and after the interview this guy come up to him and asks “Why are you so fat?”, and Harold Bishop without fucking missing a beat, turns around and say “Cause every time i fuck your mum, she gives me a biscuit”, That realy is the fifty ton mega zinga of insults ”

XD this quote kept me in stitches for about half an hour, which repeated several times during the day, of course it didn’t help i listened to it while sitting in a silent maths class and wanting to burst out laugthing, but oh well : P.

This quote came from LugRadio Season 4 Episode 10.


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